Checkpoint Publishing

Where our stories come to life

The success of the bedtime stories has opened an opportunity for a publishing arm of Checkpoint to emerge. With tens of stories already available as a free podcast, a digital magazine for both kids and grown-ups, as well as merchandising options, it was a natural progression to enter publishing.

There is a strategy already in place for the publishing arm and we are using our already existing stories to drive this. The long term view is the publishing arm will eventually be a platform for new, young, disadvantaged and unheard authors and artists. An incubator of sorts. For now, however, we are starting with our own bedtime stories, which have been carefully crafted and beautifully illustrated. The art style of the stories will be an established thread of the design language of the bedtime stories.

We will release a printed volume of up to 10 stories - each beautifully created and illustrated - as collectibles. For every five stories, we'll release a digital version of the stories on Kindle and Apple Books. We have already released our first eBook on Kindle.

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