The Team

Tamer Asfahani - Founder and Editor-in-Chief LinkedIn
Award-winning journalist and executive producer, Tamer was trained as a journalist at the BBC and moved across radio, TV and online. An all-round, multi-skilled broadcast journalist specialising in audience identification and a pioneer in technology to find new ways to engage with an ever-growing global audience.
The founder of the Checkpoint brand and a champion of education through games.
Paul Elmes - Co Founder and Creative Director LinkedIn
Paul has 30 years experience working as a top designer in magazine publishing. As a freelance Art Director, he has designed and art-directed for a Who’s Who of national magazines and newspaper supplements.
Paul’s specialism is in contract magazines, advertorials and promotional supplements with his work appearing for consumer and B2B titles.
Chris Winson-Longley - Director of Education LinkedIn
A highly experienced and celebrated teacher, Chris has spent over 25 years in classrooms and has been Manager of Literacy and Numeracy, Manager of Opening Minds and 2nd in English. He has also taught adult ed. A Leading English teacher and has worked with the CfBT on both literacy and the promotion of Manga in schools.
Vita Pur - Patron LinkedIn
Vita co-founded multiple startups, the latest being Somnium Space VR, a metaverse built on the blockchain where he also served as COO from 2017 watching over the transition to blockchain/NFTs. Somnium Space is a well known and respected NFT metaverse market. Passionate about technology, Vita tries to apply it for a better future that will empower the individual.
San Shepherd - Future Tech Labs Founder and CEO LinkedIn
With two decades of award winning experience in senior roles across console, mobile F2P, VR / AR, PC and more, the multiverse was the next natural step.
San has founded and directed independent companies that have developed and published titles like the multi-million dollar hit mobile app Star Chart. Senior Producer & Development Director at Electronic Arts, responsible for three AAA console games. Managed teams of >135. Developed games with >$60m budgets & owned P&Ls.
Simon Tucker - Advisory LinkedIn
Simon is a technologist, former CTO and expert in digital and social media, building communities and influencer networks, with more recent endeavours in conversational UI and in emerging technologies within the data insights arena.
For 30 years Simon has pioneered the creative application of technology, from the earliest stages of commercialising the internet, through to social and broadcast media.
Simon currently advises groups in esports, gaming and emerging technology investments based in London, Los Angeles and Melbourne.