Brunel University Partnership

How we work to evidence gaming culture impact

The partnership between Brunel University and Checkpoint is an exciting and important development in the field of gaming and education. The collaboration will allow both institutions to promote academic, scientific and cultural collaboration, while fostering opportunities for collaborative research, publications and colloquia.

One of the key benefits of the partnership is the peer review and validation of Checkpoint's lesson plans and materials. This ensures that the content delivered to schools is evidence-based and up-to-date with the latest research in the field. Pedagogy is a key focus for Checkpoint, as the team believes that videogames have a unique ability to engage students and foster important skills such as problem-solving, collaboration and creativity.

Moreover, videogames have a wide-ranging impact on society, culture, education and politics, and the partnership will enable Checkpoint to explore these themes in depth. The games industry offers a diverse range of career pathways, and Checkpoint is committed to equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in this exciting field.

Studies have shown that videogames have the potential to positively impact society in a variety of ways. For example, games can be used as educational tools to enhance learning and promote critical thinking skills. They can also be used as tools for therapeutic purposes, such as improving mental health or physical rehabilitation. Moreover, games can be used to create empathy and awareness for different cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

The partnership also has wider implications for social mobility and social justice, as videogames can help to break down barriers and provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds. Finally, understanding the future of work and the future of the web is increasingly important, and the partnership will enable Checkpoint to stay at the forefront of these developments and ensure that its lesson plans are relevant and up-to-date.

With a shared commitment to advancing learning and knowledge, the Checkpoint-Brunel partnership is poised to drive new research and deliver unique insights into gaming culture. By combining academic expertise and industry knowledge, the partnership seeks to unlock the full potential of gaming for good.

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