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Checkpoint Magazine Website - Checkpoint Magazine currently deals with news, reviews, previews and blogs. Keeping to date with videogame news is hard, but it was also created to be a presence for the magazine as the magazine had no website and could only be found through the app store or our publishing partner. By launching the site (2019), it allowed us to move the more time-sensitive items out of the magazine and give them a space online to live. Checkpoint's editorial focus is not be be the first to report the news, but rather to generate a news agenda of its own with its incredible archived material and connections to industry.

Checkpoint Kids Website - It became increasingly clear that, after launching the kids magazine in 2020, we needed a site to host the plethora of content (learning materials, templates and games) we we producing somewhere other than the magazine. We decided that a two-click site that was easy to navigate would make it easier for kids and for grown ups alike to access. What was key was having a place where teachers were able to easily access and download the content we were creating, as well as having permissions slips for those children that wanted to contribute to the magazine. Like the magazine site, this was built out of necessity, but both sites are currently being built from the ground up. Checkpoint HUB - the next evolution of Checkpoint websites Because the above sites were built as a response to a need, they are disparate in their function and content has to be inputed into two different content management systems. Checkpoint is currently undergoing a complete rebuild that will bring both sites together under the Checkpoint Hub, which is currently available in crude form at By centralising all our content, we're able to offer a more user-friendly, streamlined experience. This will also allow us to showcase and distribute our content directly from our CMS directly to our properties, streamlining the process. Checkpoint hopes to deliver white label widgets from this build which will be part of a longer term revenue stream. By redefining the way CMS works, especially for the blockchain, Checkpoint will benefit from a system that will be highly sought after as a widget, plug-in or support for other sites. In addition, it will help us understand our audience journey better and help us streamline our advertising offering - giving us full control of how the site works. The new Checkpoint CMS and website is due to be released in early 2024, and the traffic increases in projection reflect the transition to a new and more engaging site which encompasses the whole brand.

Checkpoint currently has an audience of 150k uniques a month across its sites.

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