A quick overview
  • Checkpoint has a unique set of assets that can convert to NFTs
  • NFTs will be the basis for future transactions within the Checkpoint community online
  • Checkpoint proposes a “merchandise” - type solution for web 3.0
  • Checkpoint Multiverse will have wallet integration
  • Checkpoint is able to create pets, trading cards, front covers, animations and much more in NFTs, and has already developed its NFT roadmap
  • NFTs will form one of the main revenue streams for Checkpoint
  • NFTs from Checkpoint will work primarily on a microtransaction model so as they are accessible, affordable and engaging
  • Gas fees are an important consideration – hence interest on Cardano blockchain
  • Checkpoint encourages “ownership” – we want our users to feel they own a part of the brand. NFTs allow us to do this
  • The NFT model will be part of a wider tokenomics model
  • Currently the NFTs in development and on offer will be evolving trading cards, images from our bedtime stories, front covers and assets as pets from our other properties