Engage to Earn (E2E) Staking

Pioneering and revolutionary - new ways to stake and earn with governance or utility tokens
Top Line:
ENGAGE-TO-EARN (E2E) is the revolutionary new way to reward token holders and will work across both the governance and utility tokens. In it's simplest form, the E2E model is a smart contract built into both the governance and utility token that rewards active members of the community with airdrops in the form of NFTs, stable coins or other digital assets that can be used in the Checkpoint Multiverse.
Governance Token E2E Model:
Governance token holders will benefit from the E2E model by being rewarded with stable coins from ad sales taken through the brand. As Checkpoint has a number of revenue streams, Checkpoint is able to sell advertising on multiple platforms, diversifying opportunities for advertisers and allowing investors to be rewarded for holding and staking their holdings.
From all ad sales across the brand, Checkpoint will allocate 8% of the total gross advertising revenue to buy back and dividend payments. 3% will be for token buy back, while the remaining 5% will be distributed equally, but proportionally across LOAD holders. The more LOAD you hold and stake, the more rewards you can earn.
For example:
Checkpoint secures a $20,000 USD advertising deal for a page in the magazine and website MPU.
$1,600 USD allocated to E2E. $600 USD (3%) goes to buying back LOAD while the remaining $1000 USD is distributed across LOAD holders.
Equally, it might be that Checkpoint has a number of exclusive BETA access keys for games, or special in-game items for certain games or even exclusive content to distribute (such as NFTs, assets or in-multiverse assets) - LOAD holders can also expect to receive these as rewards too.
Utility Token E2E Model:
The concept of E2E is to reward the community for being active. By sharing posts, spending time in the multiverse, offering help to other community members, buying and trading assets or being active members, token holders will be rewarded with airdrops of NFTs based on their engagement with the brand.
The community's wallet turn-over will be considered and the top tiered percentile will be rewarded with a "PET" (or similar, more to be revealed) and an NFT card pack, the next tiered percentile of active users will be rewarded with an NFT card pack and the top final tiered percentile with a single NFT card. *
Because CHPT is used as a trading token, the value is in the assets the brand creates rather than the token itself. The token is more like an in-world currency much like you'd find in any game, or even as tokens bought in an arcade. As such, this will stabilise the value of the token and allow it to function as a liquid asset.
A decision and vote on the Utility Token will be made by LOAD holders as one of the votes.
To find out more about the E2E system we're pioneering, please read the article below:
To find out more about our staking and how it works across the E2E model, as well as across the brand, please read the article below.
*Percentages are subject to change based on demand, volume and growth - economies of scale will be implemented to make sure that the percentage is representative by ration growth. As the audience becomes more engaged, the top percentile may start at 0.5% (for example), but will likely reduce so that it proportionally maintains exclusivity.