Economic Models

How Checkpoint will utilise it's existing platforms

Checkpoint celebrates the era of blockchain

The implementation of blockchain technology as we enter a new phase in our internet journey offers unique ways to incentivise community through true decentralisation. Checkpoint has identified a way of rewarding it's token holders and community through a revolutionary model it calls Engage-to-Earn. In much the same way as the Brave Browser rewards you for advertising, Checkpoint will reward its community for engagement.

With a list of already existing and known IP's, Checkpoint can find revenue streams across the brand. Below you'll find a list of properties in which Checkpoint has already sold advertising. Checkpoint is not limited to these properties either, with other revenue models opportunities through Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility schemes.

One thing to note: Checkpoint will NEVER advertise in any of the kids' properties. For sponsorship opportunities or to work with us to create something bespoke for the kids properties, please read our Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility model.

Checkpoint Magazine - A number of fully interactive magazine pages are available for purchase every issue. These can be static ads, interactive ads or any other kind of ad that the ad agency wants to implement. Ad campaigns can be set to run for a time, updated after a certain time and will show across all devices. For those looking to target a specific audience, geo-targeting ads can also be set, meaning there could be a number of campaigns running simultaneously globally in the same issue of the magazine. Furthermore, because the magazines are always "live" and are written as timeless commentary on games, the magazine is an excellent advertising space which is always relevant and can be planned to suit a specific theme too. As well as the advertising space, we can offer more detailed campaigns, such as beta giveaways, links from the magazine for call-to-action campaigns, as well as selling the front cover and designing a unique, animated front cover. In each issue there are three advertising spaces, but this is expandable and we are not, unlike print magazines, limited to the number of pages we assign to an issue.

Checkpoint Podcasts - The podcasts that are already available can support advertising in a number of ways. Checkpoint is able to create pre-roll adverts that play before the content does or post-podcast adverts, that play at the end of the podcast. The sponsorship will also be mentioned in the podcast description and within the show notes if relevant. The podcasts which are available to advertising opportunities: Designing Digital Literacy, the Checkpoint Podcast, Audio Documentaries and Hit Play [to be released soon].

Checkpoint Website - Advertising on the Checkpoint Magazine website and Checkpoint Hub offers an opportunity to reach our more news-focused audience.

Checkpoint Multiverse and Infiniverse - There are an array of advertising opportunities within the Checkpoint Multiverse and Checkpoint Infiniverse Store. Like with the magazine, adverts can be a simple billboards, a video or animation or even a link to another VR app (Oculus only initially) or an external website.

Checkpoint Digital Merchandise and NFTs - We see NFTs as merchandise and we aim to offer a number of different things here. Initially, however, will be the bespoke trading cards which will sell as individual cards, packs of three, five or 10. There will be a run of 10 cards per album, with 200,000 cards minted. The idea is that they are affordable, accessible and allow for non-crypto natives access to the crypto world with very little risk. Because we want adoption of web 3, blockchains and multiverses, we don't want to make our content exclusive, elitist or expensive. This is part of Checkpoint's wider philosophy on equal access for everyone.

Checkpoint Sponsorship - Kids brands only Because we don't advertise to kids, we offer the chance to be featured as a "Friend" of Checkpoint if you opt to sponsor the Kids brands. Your sponsorship will help us continue to fund the kids properties and you will be named in the issue of the magazine next to come out as a "Friend" under the editors page, as well as being featured as a "Friend" on the website. Please contact us for more information.

Checkpoint Corporate Social Responsibility - For companies and publishers that want to give back, we have a Corporate Social Responsibility scheme where we create a lesson plan for children to use in school. The lesson plan is built from the ground up by Checkpoint and then taken into selected schools to deliver the lesson. The lesson also connects the children to the developers of the game and/or wider industry contacts. This is then featured in both the magazine and the multiverse. A full corporate social responsibility package costs £15k.

Checkpoint Learning - Although all of our learning materials are currently free, Checkpoint will be implementing a subscription model. Although all base lessons will continue to be free, extension lessons and access to the wider database of lessons will only be available to schools or organisations with subscriptions. Annual subscription for one school and with access to all content: £1000/annum This is currently due to be implemented in 2023, but all lesson plans will be available until then. This does not apply to Home Learning Packs which will continue to be free to everyone forever.

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