Checkpoint Multiverse

Where Checkpoint is going...

Checkpoint will be accessible as a fully interactive, Web 3.0 optimised site. You will enter Checkpoint through the Multiverse whether you're on a VR headset, browser or any other device. The Checkpoint Multiverse is already available through - but you need an Oculus Headset. With the browser-based access, the Checkpoint Multiverse will be free to access for everyone across any device.

  • Already available on Oculus and FREE

  • is the leading multiverse space currently available

  • Checkpoint will make the multiverse ubiquitous, making it accessible across all devices

  • The multiverse facilitates engagement with content and others in the space

  • The multiverse will be THE access point to all the content across the brand

  • The multiverse will allow connections to other sites and brands

  • The multiverse will connect to Web 3.0 wallets to allow for NFT integration

  • The multiverse will not only be the brand’s access point, but will allow for streaming, expos and much more

  • The multiverse and wider Infiniverse will offer unique marketing opportunities

  • Checkpoint has already taken up shop in the Infiniverse and can already offer advertising opportunities in the multiverse

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