Checkpoint Corporate Social Responsibility

For the Kids brand only

For companies and publishers that want to give back, we have a Corporate Social Responsibility scheme that allows us to create bespoke learning opportunities with your game. We create a lesson plan for children to use in school and deliver to schools.

Our CSR allows to really focus on some exciting and engaging learning opportunities with our partner schools worldwide. After creating the lesson plans, we take it into school, deliver it and set up wider learning opportunities for the children to see the importance of videogames' cultural impact. In addition, this content will be featured in the magazine, as will the game the lesson plan was derived from. This will also include a camera crew and editing team to create videos from the day.

You can find an example of the work we do in the video below - this was based on Sonic Colours Ultimate, with an interview set up for the children to present their ideas to Sonic's executive producer.

CSR packages are a standard rate of £15,000 GBP This package will include a fully bespoke Guided Lesson Plan to be taken into school/s and delivered as well as setting up an industry specialist or other for the kids to interview. All will be filmed and featured in the kids' magazine and the Checkpoint Multiverse. You will give children the chance to learn using one of their favourite mediums and this has already been hugely successful, with previous guests being Sonic producers, Roller Coaster Engineers, European Space Agency scientists and pilots, and more.

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