Home Learning Packs

Designed to be used for independent learning

Home Learning Packs have their origins in Checkpoint Kids magazine and were originally intended to support children’s learning during the pandemic. Their aim is to introduce students to a wide range of interests which are directly or indirectly linked to videogames and require no more technology than the device used to access the magazine itself. Like the Teacher Lesson Packs, they develop children’s intrapersonal skills but do not share the need to satisfy national curriculum assessment objectives. We always encourage adults and children to work together, but the resources are written in a child friendly style and can be enjoyed independently. Because individual Teacher and Home Learning Packs are based on the same issue of the magazine, and share the same theme, it is possible for a child being educated at home to progress from one to the other - the detailed step-by-step guidance of the Teacher Learning Packs being ideally suited to supporting a non-teaching adult in the development of their ‘practice’.

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