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The importance of videogames in society, culture, education and politics

What is Checkpoint: Checkpoint is an innovative and forward-thinking media organisation that focuses on exploring the impact of videogames on society, culture, education, and politics. Its outlets include magazines, podcasts, learning materials and much more. By using videogames as a platform, Checkpoint aims to leverage its position as a media outlet to foster opportunities for research, publication, and colloquia in the field of "gaming culture". It is committed to using gaming as a vehicle to promote academic, scientific, and cultural collaboration among universities, institutions, and stakeholders.

Checkpoint is FREE: All content is free and the offering covers everything from fully interactive digital magazines and podcasts, to lesson plans for schools that adhere to the national curriculum to name but a few.

The importance of videogames:

Checkpoint recognises the cultural and intellectual enrichment opportunities that videogames provide. Videogames are a unique and powerful means of engaging with different groups, identities, and communities. By exploring the cultural and societal impact of videogames, Checkpoint aims to promote greater understanding of videogame culture and its importance in society through its different platforms and reach.

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