The vision
Please note: The Checkpoint roadmap is subject to change. We are working hard to deliver everything within its planned time but certain elements may take priority, become delayed to allow for other developments, or be removed.



  • Public Launch of Checkpoint Multiverse on Oculus
  • Smart contract for LOAD token under construction
  • First set of NFT cards created (FOUNDER CARDS)
  • Infiniverse apartments acquired (buildings in the multiverse)
  • Infiniverse shopfront acquired


  • Smart contract for LOAD token completed
  • LOAD auditing
  • Checkpoint LOAD token distributed
  • Private sale of LOAD
  • Presale of LOAD
  • IDO sale
  • Initial NFT Offering sale
  • First set of NFT cards on sale
  • LOAD listed on exchanges


  • Second set of NFT cards on sale
  • V2 Checkpoint Bedtime Story app in development


  • Store in Infiniverse opens
  • Browser-based access to Checkpoint Multiverse and Infiniverse
  • Release of stand-alone VR app
  • Third set of NFT cards on sale
  • Checkpoint Multiverse app launches
  • Checkpoint Utility Token launches
  • Development begins on Checkpoint proprietary CMS system


  • Checkpoint Bedtime Stories book released
  • Launch of Checkpoint Arabic service
  • Checkpoint launches centralised site and new proprietary CMS