Checkpoint Multiverse and Infiniverse Projections

Advertising locations in the Checkpoint Multiverse: Advertising in Checkpoint Magazine, Explore The Brand and Waiting Room

Static: 1 week: £3k 2 week: £5k

Video: 1 week: £5k 2 week: £7k

Interactive/link: 1 week: £8k 2 week: £11k

Advertising locations in the Checkpoint Infiniverse: Checkpoint Infiniverse Store (including window display - window is static only) and an in-store TV screen

Static and video (optional): 1 week: £8k 2 week: £12k

Checkpoint has already had interest in advertising in the Multiverse and Infiniverse and predicts 2022/23 will see four one-week static campaigns in the multiverse generating a gross revenue of £12,000 GBP - this is a very conservative estimate

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