Why Cardano for Governance

It's simple: Cardano has the same altruistic mission as us
There are many reasons why we chose Cardano. Here are just some of the reasons:
  • Cardano has a very low carbon footprint, low energy consumption and strives to continue to reduce its carbon footprint
  • Cardano has a sustainable growth model and wants to attract projects of value to the blockchain
  • Cardano's mission is to allow possibilities for billions of people worldwide through its platform
  • The Cardano ecosystem and infrastructure is founded on scientific peer reviews (over 100)
  • Cardano being Proof of Stake (PoS) means that gas fees and transactions aren't subject to ridiculous gas fees (fees taken for confirming transactions)
  • To find out more about why Checkpoint is on the Cardano blockchain, please read our Medium article below
To find out more about Cardano click the link below: