Green Credentials

How Checkpoint is already carbon neutral

Checkpoint Carbon Offsetting

The Checkpoint brand is already carbon neutral

Checkpoint is dedicated to carbon offsetting and is already carbon neutral. All Checkpoint’s core staff work remotely and hardly use transportation for work. Checkpoint’s founder, Tamer Asfahani, works from home which is equipped with solar panels and a battery storage solution that covers the business’ (and home’s) energy requirement with excess being stored or sold back to the grid. Paul Elmes, co-founder, has invested in a wind turbine of which the energy generated offsets 76% of his business' and home energy requirements. As a result, Checkpoint produces an EXCESS of 2,733 kWh, or 637.17 kg CO2. Checkpoint has also dedicated 2% of its token allocation to carbon offsetting for the wider adoption of blockchain - these will be partnerships with businesses making real-world impact to carbon capture and control.

Checkpoint and Cardano Blockchain carbon commitment

Cardano, as a whole blockchain, only uses a fraction of the energy required by most other blockchains and is considered a “green blockchain”. To run the whole of the Cardano network with only 100 pools (which it already exceeds, but is more than Bitcoin currently run) it would consume 15,670kWh per annum. That’s nearly the same as just a little over three people’s Personal Annual Carbon Allowance (PACA), measured at 4660 kg CO2/person for 2021. Bitcoin’s equivalent would be around 67,000GWh - around 4 million times more energy hungry.

Scope 1, 2 and 3 Overviews:

Scope 1: Direct Emissions - Checkpoint is a remote organisation with no physical offices. All involved work from home and have no reason to travel to an office. All fuels and heating sources are offset by solar panels and offshore windmills that produce an excess of carbon credit for Checkpoint. There are no fugitive or process emissions in any of Checkpoint’s activity.
Scope 2: Indirect and Purchased (Owned) Emissions - Checkpoint produces its own energy and is self sufficient. All content and work is creative published directly online with no physical elements, therefore there is no external focus required on logistics, material or other upstream or downstream emissions.
Scope 3: Indirect Emissions (Not Owned) - As a digital focused business, Checkpoint has very little in the way of need for Scope 3 services. The main Scope 3 consideration is the blockchain that we utilise (Cardano) which has been proven to be one of the greenest blockchains. In addition, our digital magazines and websites are also distributed digitally and aren’t produced in physical form. All of these activities, if not already, can be offset by the credit generated from Checkpoint’s own carbon offsetting activity. Any travel will (international) will always be offset at point of purchase of ticket.