Other Blockchains

Although we're committed to the Cardano Blockchain, we are very aware that there are other blockchains that would be hugely beneficial for us to be involved in. As a result, we've outlined our plan to work on Polygon (MATIC) from the offset too. Polygon is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, but its carbon footprint and gas fees are totally in line with our philosophy (Polygon is also PoS). In addition, we're aware of the engagement, especially in the NFT space, on Polygon and believe it would help as far as our reach is concerned. In much the same way as on the Cardano blockchain, the NFTs will operate the same on Polygon. In addition, we're also working on getting our content on the Avalanche blockchain too. Much like Polygon, it aligns with our philosophy on environmental impact as well as being incredibly fast with a strong community. It's also where creatives are flooding to create incredible experiences - we're already exploring this with our Bedtime Stories.
We are also looking to other blockchains too, which we'll announce in time. But in the meantime, please do any further reading on Polygon and Avalanche below.