• Checkpoint’s mission is to continue to explore the impact videogames have on the evolution of society, politics, culture and education.
  • All Checkpoint’s content is free for everyone.
  • Checkpoint encourages the audience to become active participants by offering multiple ways in which to engage with the brand.
  • Checkpoint intends to commission more research into the impact of gaming and how we can better utilise the cultural capital associated with videogames.
  • Checkpoint is evidence-based, and will continue to grow with evidence-based research playing a key role in informing our educational content.
  • We want to show the value of gaming in helping to prepare the future generations for jobs that don’t yet exist by nurturing their intrapersonal skills and developing resilience, fact checking and more.
  • To be at the cutting edge of evolving technology, delivering interactive content on the next iteration of the internet: Web 3.0
Below is an in-depth interview by Data Driven Investor with founder Tamer Asfahani, which might give a bit more background on the philosophy, vision and drive: