Checkpoint Digital and NFT Marketplace Projections

We see NFTs as merchandise and we aim to offer a number of different things here. Initially, however, will be the bespoke trading cards which will sell as individual cards, packs of three, five or 10. We expect to produce a minimum of four albums per annum, each album will consist of 200,000 cards. You can learn more about our unique trading cards here. As the marketplace expands, we will also offer a number of accessories, clothing and even pets and props for our multiverse travellers to buy - this is due to be implemented in early 2024

Individual card: $0.99 USD Pack of three: $1.99 USD Pack of five: $3.99 USD Pack of 10: $5.99 USD

Range of sales per album: $120k - $198k 2% commission/royalty every time a card is sold. 4 albums per year ($135k USD average per album) will generate $540,000 USD gross return.

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