Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Classroom teachers are at the forefront of the adoption of videogames in education. They need a range of quality assured, fully resourced materials to secure the support of senior management and to facilitate meaningful and relevant learning experiences for their students.

CHECKPOINT Learning offer short CPD courses that equip teachers with the necessary insights and expertise to create lessons inspired by videogames.

We fully subscribe to Ofsted’s Learn that…Learn how dictum from the Early Career Framework (ECF) and believe this produces a sound pedagogical grounding which all teaching would benefit from. However, Checkpoint Learning resources satisfy the Teaching Standards by proxy; they will be seen to have been met during summative assessment during teacher appraisals and should not be used as a tick list to inform the lesson. For this reason, they are included in Teacher Learning Pack indices and not in the lessons themselves. And best of all, they're not made to tackle just the English education system. Checkpoint outlines one way in which global education can benefit from the cultural capital of gaming and really level up learning globally.

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