NFTs and Airdrops

Because Checkpoint is primarily focused on content, there are multiple routes of NFT creation and distribution. Initially Checkpoint will offer NFT trading cards. These cards will drop as albums, consisting of 10 cards per album, each with a unique design. There will be 200,000 cards per album ranging from 1 star to 3 star rarity cards.

50% - 1 star rating

30% - 2 star rating

20% - 3 star rating

These will be available to buy in ADA (moving over to the utility token when released) and there will not be a cap on how many can be purchased. The minimum buy is a pack of three. There will be an option to buy three, five or 10 card packs. All card purchases will be random and you cannot opt to buy a specific card. 1% allocation of the total number of cards will be reserved for AIRDROPS.

Because Checkpoint wants to make all it's content accessible, we will be releasing these trading cards on other blockchains too. The blockchains Checkpoint will initially commit to Cardano and Polygon, with a view to also launch of Avalanche and Solana. The initial set of Founder Cards - unique and limited NFT cards for our pre-sale community - will be minted on Cardano. These Founder Cards will not evolve as per the NFT Mechanics, but will offer a discount on any Checkpoint merchandise. The first set of trading cards are expected to launch on Cardano and Polygon at some time this year.

In order for the blockchain to be truly cross-chain, we need to make sure that we are open to as many chains as we can.

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